Two Hot Asians is a hot sauce brand, co-founded by Emily Yeoh, born out of conversations between friends reminiscing about the food they would eat growing up and the wonderful homemade sauces that their respective parents would make. Launching initially with two sauces; Mama Da Costa’s XO Sauce and Papa Yeoh’s Sambal, with some spicy variations coming soon.

We share a love of good food and good energy, and that’s what we hope to bring you with Two Hot Asians!


Bone Daddies x Two Hot Asians

For September 2022, we partnered with Bone Daddies to create the Mala Hotpot Ramen special for that month. It was a Mala Soup with tempura prawns, fish balls, soy egg, ginger, spring onion, coriander, and black hakata noodles.

This one had mega flavour with Szechuan notes, a rich tomato base and a good kick of chilli heat. We paired that with some of the blackest noods you’ve ever seen to pay homage to Bone Daddies and Two Hot Asians’ brand colours. This one sold out before the end of September, so if you missed it, you missed out!

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